Equity, Inclusion and Whole-Life Leadership with Claudia Chan

Claudia Chan is a recognized author, leadership and culture change expert, and entrepreneur dedicated to activating individuals and organizations to create a more equitable and thriving workplace and world. First, Claudia opens up about her entrepreneurial journey moving from women's entertainment to women's empowerment, and finally to women's leadership. Claudia evolved her message with what she stands for over a period of time; she explains the importance of pivoting for your brand. 

Later, Claudia dives deep into why you should lead your life for the world; we all have a special place in this universe, and we are all here to impact someone else. So, it's time to step into who you fully are and do the work you are meant to do. Tune in as Claudia Chan reminds us that we will never achieve true equity in business and society without a more "whole-being" approach to leadership. She would love to stay in touch with you and share free #WholeLifeLeadership resources at SHESummit.com/CLAUDIA.


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