Understanding Gen Z, with Thread & Fable's Rebecca Roberts

Gen Z. They're the generation everyone wants to know about, the generation that has heads turning and the generation that anyone working in higher education today has to understand. but, where to start? Well, this episode is a pretty good place!


Rebecca Roberts has become something of an expert on Gen Z this year, after sifting through 50 different reports about today’s youth and pulling out common trends, interesting facts and a bunch of stats you really can’t ignore into a behemoth report of her own. Basically, she’s done loads of reading, thinking and analysing about today’s young people and left you with loads of useful stuff to act upon.


In this episode, Rebecca will take you through her findings, offer some action points for you to work on and explain how to get real cut-through with your target audience.


Read Rebecca's report at: https://threadandfable.files.wordpress.com/2019/03/engaging-youth-2019-thread-fable.pdf


Find out more about the Helping Not Helping campaign at: https://www.helpingnothelping.org/


Find Rebecca on LinkedIn, and follow Thread & Fable on Twitter.


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