ITWE Ep029 Dan Clarkson - Co-Creator and star of the Olivier nominated 'Potted Potter' and 'Potted Panto'.

Prepare to be inspired! This week we speak to the man who turned a 15 minute skit, originally made to entertain a queue of people waiting to buy a book, into an Olivier nominated, critically acclaimed and world touring production! We are of course chatting to Co-creator of 'Potted Potter', 'Potted Panto' and 'Potted Sherlock, Dan Clarkson.This Christmas the Olivier nominated 'Potted Panto' returns to the West End and we hear all about how the hilarious 'Potted' world all came about!We give you this podcast completely free. If you've enjoyed it and you'd like to help us make future episodes then:1. Visit: 2. Click on the donate button at the top of the home page.3. Make a contribution and help us keep the show going.4. DO YOUR AMAZON SHOP VIA OUR WEBSITE! Head to click on any of the Amazon adverts, it will redirect you to Amazon as normal, your shopping will cost you exactly the same as normal but Amazon will give us a small kick back on any of your purchases as a thank you.5. SUBSCRIBE to our podcast and they will automatically appear on your device ready for you to listen to.Please tell your friends about our show and share it on social media so that we can continue to inspire others, just like you! The more listeners we have the easier it is to secure guests, so keep sharing every week! -Follow us on Twitter @InsideWestEnd -Like our page on Facebook "Inside the West End Podcast"- Follow us on Instagram @insidethewestendpodcast

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