Ep. 186 - Raz Razgaitis, FloWater CEO on Disrupting the Water Business

Raz Razgaitis, co-founder and CEO of FloWater, talks with Brian Ardinger, Inside Outside Innovation Founder, about the disruption that's happening in the water business, what it's like to be working in a big company and move to a startup, and everything in between.

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Brian Ardinger: On this week's episode of Inside Outside Innovation, we interviewed Raz Razgaitis. He is the co-founder and CEO of FloWater. We talk about the disruption that's happening in the water business, what it's like to be working in a big company, and move from there to a startup, and everything in between. Let's get started.

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Welcome to another episode of Inside Outside Innovation. I'm your host, Brian Ardinger, and as always, we have another amazing guest today with me is Raz Razgaitis.  He is the co founder and CEO of FloWater. Raz, welcome to the show. 

Raz Razgaitis: Thanks Brian. Great to be here. 

Brian Ardinger: I'm excited to have you on board because you're trying to disrupt this new world of water. So let's start there and talk a little bit about FloWater. 

Raz Razgaitis: Well, Brian, our whole mantra is really around changing the way the world drinks water. The foundation of our company is to provide decentralized distributed water purification wherever consumers work, rest and play. So that they can have what we believe is the world's best tasting water, on tap, wherever they are. And the purpose behind that is to completely eradicate, not only single use plastic water bottles, which are the new environmental cigarette, but also to provide a pathway to eliminate all packaged water.  Because not only does it end up in oceans, lakes, rivers, and landfills. For example, right now, Americans are drinking the equivalent of two credit cards worth of plastics. Microplastics. Wow.

Every month as a result of their tap and bottled water. It's not just bottled water, but they're actually drinking their bottled water that's in now microplastics in their tap water. Exactly. We're literally now drinking our plastics, and the whole idea of our company is to completely eradicate that.  And what we're doing is we've built a piece of technology and a piece of hardware that right now, it's primarily available to businesses and companies and organizations. And so that's generally hotels, schools, corporations, gyms, retailers, where we provide a FloWater refill station that has a very powerful purification system in it, that takes any tap water effectively anywhere in the world and turns it into something that will be better tasting than your favorite bottled water brand. But it's available in a refillable format so that you are reusing either a multiuse bottle or a refillable bottle, or even a single use bottle that you're refilling. So if you end up having to buy a single use plastic water bottle, but you get to refill that five times, we've just seen an 80% reduction in the usage of single use packaging, which is a great thing. 

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