WHO Are You?

Leader of The Reform Party Richard Tice kicks off today's show to discuss the morning's top headlines as we delve into the latest migration figures from the ONS that highlights a record breaking 1.2 million people migrating to the UK last year alone, we also discuss the sick man of Europe Germany as they hit a recession after high prices take toll. GP Laurence Gerlis joins shortly after to discuss why GPs are at 'breaking point' in England's most deprived areas, we also ask what toll the migration numbers have on the NHS and its ability to help the citizens who already live here. Former First Minister of Scotland and Leader of Alba Party Alex Salmond returns to The Independent Republic to discuss why the SNP are at risk of losing 21 MPs at the next general election as the ALBA Party welcomes a new poll showing support for Independence at 53%. Writer at The Spectator Gavin Mortimer joins shortly after to discuss new migration figures with a particular focus on Albanian migration as almost half of small boat arrivals were Albanian (28%) with small boat arrivals accounting for 45% of the total number of people claiming asylum in the UK in 2022 and Co Founder of UsForThem Molly Kingsley closes the show why the WHO could soon gain powers to impose lockdown on UK. All that and so much more, so tune in! 

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