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Baroness Claire Fox of Buckle kicks off todays show by taking down the morning's headlines as trans activists at the "prestigious" have glued themselves to the floor of the Oxford Union in protest of a talk by Prof Kathleen Stock, we get Claire's take on the shocking state of free speech on campuses nationwide. Social Policy Analyst and Author Rakib Ehsan joins shortly after to discuss why on Earth Downing Street have paid £1m to a pro-migrant charity that calls UK borders ‘systematically racist’. Head of Lifestyle Economics at The IEA Christopher Snowdon returns to The Independent Republic to discuss his new Nanny State Index as the UK is named one of Europe’s worst ‘nanny states’ for eating and drinking. TV personality Jodie Marsh closes the show to discuss her experience on the set of This Morning and her personal upset with how she was treated by Phil and Holly as ITV remain in a pit of despair. All that and so much more, so tune in! 

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