What in the Strike!?

Brenden Chilton - CEO of Independent Business Network kicks off today's show to discuss how a government under Boris Johnson feels like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel with increasing inflation and strikes, and no plan to cut taxes or plan to grow the economy. 

Tensions rise in Ukraine as NATO announces their plan to deploy 30,000 troops - the biggest force since Cold War - as Britain and its allies face their '1937 moment', former army officer and conservative MP Colonel James Sunderland helps us to understand more. 

Time Travel correspondent, Ben Clatworthy also joins Mike to discuss the upcoming British Airways and Easyjet strike ahead of the summer holidays for more travel chaos. Doctors have demanded a 30% pay rise or threatened with - yup you guessed it - another strike, Former NHS Trust chair Martin Gower joins Mike to explain further, and Journalist and Author Laura Dodsworth returns for her weekly lowdown of the latest news including how the stars of Harry Potter have been advised to not speak about the very woman who made their careers. 

All that and so much more, so tune in!

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