War on the West

William Clouston, Leader of the Social Democratic Party kicks off the show today to discuss how Suella Braverman claimed in her speech in Washington DC yesterday that British culture will disappear without any migration control, plus how the bosses of the H2 project are earning a ridiculous £150,000 a year for a train that seems to only reach the midlands.

Director of the Burges Group, Robert Ould joins Mike to discuss the realistic expectations for illegal migrants in the UK and how we should be dealing with the issue.

Also, Co-Founder of UsForThem, Molly Kingsley, and Mike discuss how they were right all along as it's been discovered that the government was told that harm to children during lockdown could in fact have been preventable after all!

Finally, Minister for London Paul Scully joins Mike to chat about the stinky disaster happening in East London after the bin men are on strikes, meaning the rubbish on the streets is piling up which only means that those giant rats are back.

All of that and so much more only on The Independent Republic of Mike Graham!

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