Walkout Wednesday

Leader of The Social Democratic Party William Clouston kicks off today's show to discuss 'Walkout Wednesday' as Britain is hit by the biggest day of action in over a decade. Professor Len Shackleton from The Institute of Economic Affairs continues the conversations as well as a solution to our rail woes that aren't necessarily tied up to re nationalisation. Former MEP Ben Habib returns to the Independent Republic to discuss the shocking failures of our immigration and parole board as murders by asylum seekers continue. Police officers were called by the ambulance service shortly after 5pm on Tuesday after a report that a dog had attacked a child in the back garden of a property in Broadlands, Netherfield, we speak to dog behaviourist Stan Rawlinson to understand what needs to be done to deter any more attacks from happening. and former Conservative MP Nick De Bois closes the show to recap today's Prime Minister's Questions. All that and so much more, so tune in!

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