Standards Not Met

Conservative Peer Lord Baron Stewart Jackson of Peterborough kicks off today's show to discuss the morning's top headlines including a damning report that has found "institutional racism, misogyny and homophobia" within the Metropolitan Police - and suggested the force could be broken up if it fails to improve. Shortly after we go live to Scotland Yard to speak to our reporter on the ground Oliver Whitfield-Miocic for further information on the report, followed by Chairman of the Police and Crime Committee for the London Assembly Susan Hall for her views on the damning report. Anew report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has underscored the pressing need to rapidly accelerate the transition to clean power and net zero capabilities, we speak to Author of Not Zero: How an Irrational Target Will Impoverish You, Help China (and Won't Even Save the Planet) Ross Clark to discuss the feasibility and cost to undergo such measures. Journalist and Author Laura Dodsworth returns for her weekly lowdown of the headlines from clown world and Senior Analyst at the Times Education Supplement Grainne Hallahan to discuss why Ofsted urged to pause inspections after a teacher took her own life after her schools results. All that and so much more, so tune in! 

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