Spare Us

Chairman of BrexitWatch and Former MEP Ben Habib kicks off today's show to discuss his Brexit warning as conservatives are accused of creating a 'chasm' between Britain and Northern Ireland and why foreign investors are turning away from unstable Britain. Royal Biographer joins shortly after to discuss Prince Harry's controversial interview on ITV last night. Mail on Sunday columnist Peter Hitchens returns for his weekly segment on The Independent Republic to discuss the reintroduction of masks as nothing but an effort to maintain fear and control, not health. Director General of The IEA joins shortly after to discuss his recent piece in the Times when he urges that stopping small boats isn’t enough to turn the tide on immigration and Dr Emily Ball a GP from Merseyside closes the show to discuss why junior doctors are continuing whether their strike efforts amidst an NHS in turmoil. All that and so much more, so tune in!

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