Shall we pull a sickie?

Mike Graham is back and he's back with a Bang.

Conservative MP joins Mike to discuss the rules for refugees and what you claim to be to get asylum in the country looking ahead to Suella Braverman's Speech.

Leon Emirali is in to kick off the show covering why HS2 seems to have its journey cut for only ... Birmingham, how Sunak's Net Zero delay did in fact win in his favor, plus how many more workers are taking an average of 7.8 days off work...for sickness and so much more.

Sir John Redwood pops by to tell Mike how the Bank Of England could be using your hard-earned taxes to cover their losses. Tony Long is in to chat about the armed officers in London, why they protested for their college, and what that means for future police officers.

Finally Certified member of the Independent Republic, Travel Correspondent, Simon Calder joins Mike to give an update about why Gatwick Airport seems to be canceling flights over covid... yes you read correctly.

All of that and so much more, only on The Independent Republic of Mike Graham!

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