Scottish Spaceport, Royal PR and Bloody Horseflies

The world cup is over, Wimbledon has finished so its back to Brexit (and the rest). This morning Justine Greening announced a proposal over a second referendum (well, sort of) and callers Sean and Andy wholeheartedly oppose this.

Meanwhile, there's to be a spaceport built in Scotland of all places - but why? Sue Nelson, Science Journalist, fills us in on this- and unfortunately, no, its not a new method of transport for disgruntled train passengers.

Thomas Markle has been talking to the press again, threatening a visit to the UK to speak to his estranged daughter - PR expert Mark Bukowski discusses the change of tack the Royal's PR people will need to take to address this.

And finally, horseflies are everywhere due to the extreme hot weather and biting us- Brian Eversham, CEO of Wildlife Trust BCN educates Mike and Daisy on the way these insects work.


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