Salad Cream, Northern Trains and Jamie Oliver

Salad Cream or Sandwich Cream- how do you eat yours? Heinz have proposed a name change due to the function of the condiment but it may in turn have been a great publicity stunt and also brought to attention the snobbery of the mayo brigade.

As train chaos has been rife countrywide, local newspapers across the north of England have filed a petition for the government to pay some attention outside of London, and Bill Jacobs from the Lancashire Telegraph fills us in on the transport misery.

And finally, Jamie Oliver. What now? You ask. Well, he is seeking to have junk food advertising banned, however Channel 4's bosses have pointed out that without the revenue of some 'junk food brands' adverts, they could lose around £200 million. Steve Miller, director of Fatnosis, has something to say about the whole thing.


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