Pot Noodled

Baroness Kate Hoey kicks off today's show to discuss the morning's top headlines as Britain is poised to sign an Indo-Pacific trade deal in Brexit victory. As the government announced households are to be penalised if they do not switch away from gas under net zero plans today we talk to Head of Policy at Net Zero Watch Harry Wilkinson in the studio to get to the bottom of the government's new net zero policies. Conservative MP , ERG Member & Chair of the Net Zero Scrutiny group of MPs Craig Mackinlay returns to The Independent Republic to continue the net zero discussion as he voices his concern with the government's newly proposed policies, we also get Mr Mackinlay's views on the ongoing migrant crisis as locals go to war over accommodation centre for 5,000 new boat migrants. Nick Rogers AM, spokesman for GLA conservatives Transport discusses the latest ULEZ updates and what more Sadiq Khan could do to damage the city. Lastly, a recent report from the Policy Exchange shows how children are 'put at risk' by gender ideology in schools, the Director of Research Iain Mansfield explains what he found in his research. 

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