Passport To Pimlico

Conservative Peer Lord Stewart Jackson of Peterborough kicks off today's show to delve through the morning's top headlines as Boris Johnson is warned his Covid inquiry legal funding could be withdrawn. Kevin O'Sullivan joins shortly after to react to Holly Willoughby's statement in full as she returns to This Morning for the first time since Phillip Schofield's exit. As Rishi Sunak held a press conference in Dover this morning to insist that his plan to reduce immigration is working, we speak to former MEP Rupert Lowe for his view on the speech by the Prime Minister and the annoying migrant crisis that encompasses this issue. And as the Telegraph revealed Lockdown benefits were ‘a drop in the bucket compared to the costs’ according to a new book by the IEA we speak to Communications Officer Reem Ibrahim for the insights the report offers the wider public on the cost of lockdown imposed on us as a nation. All that and so much more, so tune in! 

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