On Your Bike!

Leader of The Reform Party Richard Tice kicks off today's show to delve into the morning's top headlines as Germany has now declared they wish the EU will adopt a ‘Rwanda-style’ migrant programme. Former Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries joins shortly after to discuss her show this evening live on TalkTV as well as her involvement in the Government's Counter-Disinformation Unit to tackle Covid disinformation. President of Generation Frexit Charles Henri-Gallois returns to the Independent Republic to discuss further the horrifying knife attack that took place in France yesterday as four preschool-aged children were stabbed and left with life threatening injuries and founder of Ecotricity closes the show as Mike grills him on his £1.5m fund given to Just Stop Oil as he attends yet another march yesterday with the infamous demonstrators. All that and so much more, so tune in! 

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