Leaf Us Alone!

TalkTV's International Editor Isabel Oakeshott kicks off today's show to discuss yesterday's budget, migrant forecasting carried out by The Sun, as well as her reaction to The Lockdown Files and the journalistic work carried out by her and her team at the Telegraph. Travel correspondent from The Independent Simon Calder joins shortly after to give us the full lowdown on today's train strikes and how this will affect you and your commute. Conservative MP for North East Somerset & Former Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Jacob Rees-Mogg returns to the Independent Republic to discuss yesterday's budget, we also ask Mogg why the government have decided to raise corporation tax as Jeremy Hunt waves through the biggest tax burden since war in the 2023 budget. Deputy Comment Editor at the Telegraph Annabel Denham continues the conversation surrounding the budget with a particular focus on why the government's plans for free childcare has been halted until 2025, we discuss whether this is a good plan for parents and families at all? Political Editor of the Scottish Daily Mail Michael Blackley joins shortly after to provide the latest from the SNP leadership race, and member of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee and Conservative MP Bob Seely closes the show to discuss the Russian fighter jet that intercepted a US drone and how this will affect the ongoing conflict in the east. All that and so much more, so tune in! 

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