Gone To Pot

Political columnist at The Sun Trevor Kavanagh kicks off today's show to discuss the Johnson inquiry into his misleading of parliament during 'partygate', in addition to the Windsor framework vote today in the house of commons as MPs decide on a new Brexit deal for northern Ireland. Conservative MP for North Herefordshire Bill Wiggin joins Mike shortly after live from College Green to discuss the Tory rebels who want to toughen new illegal immigration laws as it is revealed today deported illegal migrants ‘to cost UK £9bn over three years. Former First Minister Scotland. Leader of the Alba Party Alex Salmond returns to The Independent Republic to discuss the SNP leadership race as contenders highlight Nicola Sturgeon's failings in leadership at a recent debate, we ask Mr Salmond how he thinks the race is going. Mark Morell aka Mr Pothole joins shortly after to discuss Britain’s pothole crisis as HALF the country’s roads are crumbling and repair backlog hits record high and Conservative MP and Tory rebel Jonatahn Gullis closes the show live from College Green after today's PMQs for his reaction as well as MPs plans to toughen new illegal immigration laws. All that and so much more, so tune in!

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