Tired Doctors, England Flags and Making Babies

As it has been revealed that some Doctors are so overworked that they are effectively drunk on fatigue, Mike and Daisy speak to Adam Kay, himself a former junior doctor and author of This May Hurt about the real conditions doctors find themselves in and what the solution could be.

As England seem to be doing OK so far in the World Cup, Tory MP Nick Boles is set to ask Theresa May in PM's questions today why they aren't flying St Georges flag along Whitehall - will he get his question in and will they go for the idea?

And, in an odd move, a Japanese politician has motioned that people who choose not to have children are in fact selfish - Alastair Currie from Population Matters, a group who would argue people should think harder before having a family, joins Mike and Daisy to weigh up the pros and cons of either argument.


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