Break-In Britain

 Former Police Officer and Director of the Law and Order Foundation Norman Brennan kicks off todays show to discuss the growing number of dangerous dog attacks across the country as another member of the public is viscously attacked by 'bully dogs' in the UK, ew also discuss the decision by police to turn up to all home burglaries in a 'historic' policy change.  Royal Commentator Jennie Bond joins shortly after to discuss the past three days of Prince Harry in court and what we have learnt from the questions put to the Duke of Sussex. TalkTV's International Editor Isabel Oakeshott returns to The Independent Republic to discuss the top news from around the world as Rishi Sunak takes charge on AI threat with President Joe Biden during the Prime Minister's state visit.  Former Conservative Peer Matt Ridley joins Mike shortly for his view on the ongoing revelations on the governments spying on citizens during lockdown, and Chairman of Migration Watch Alp Mehmet closes the show to discuss how Migration ‘could now add 16m to the UK population’. All that and so much more, so tune in! 

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