Begging For Trouble

Reform Party Member and Former MEP Ben Habib kicks off today's show to discuss Rishi Sunak's plans to open ‘safe’ routes for 20,000 migrants a year as public drug use, fly-tipping and low-level crimes such as graffiti are to be targeted with a strategy of “hotspot” policing and “short and sharp” punishments. Asst. Police & Crime Commissioner West Midlands Tom McNeil joins shortly after to discuss the issue further as crime in the West Midlands soars. Mail on Sunday Columnist Peter Hitchens returns to The Independent Republic for his weekly takedown of the last week in news. Political Editor Scottish Daily Mail Michael Blackley joins Mike shortly after to provide the latest from the SNP leadership race as a new leader is set to be announced later today and Professor Karol Sikora closes the show to discuss cancer care centres that are beginning to open up their doors once again, all that and so much more, so tune in! 

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