Assimilation Devastation

Writer and sociologist Professor Frank Furedi kicks off today’s show to discuss The Queen’s service and how she enriched our society and culture here at home and around the world throughout her 70 year reign and how that may be under threat to growing concerns that multiculturalism is failing in this country. Royal Historian Elizabeth Norton joins shortly after to examine what King Charles III will have to do in order to ensure his services as reigning monarch becomes something more than a filler role. Lee Anderson MP returns to The Independent Republic to help us understand what Liz Truss should have at the top of her priority list now parliament is set to reconvene after the 10 days of mourning for her majesty, Mayor of Leicester Sir Peter Soulsby joins shortly after to discuss what he plans to do to alleviate the violence on the streets of Leicester as religious tensions rise between Hindus and Muslims, and Laura Dodsworth closes the show with her weekly lowdown of the headlines you may have missed; from censorship around Andrew Tate, Biden claiming that the Pandemic is over in the US, and the horrific story about a 22-year-old Iranian woman who died after being arrested over a strict hijab law. All that and so much more, so tune in!

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