A Spring in your Budget

It's all about the Spring Budget today as our guests all give their thoughts to Jeremy Hunt's new policies. Former Brexit party MEP and Chairman of BrexitWatch, Ben Habib lets Mike know what he think Hunt's new budget will affect business within the UK, plus he discusses how the national strikers have become more deluded than ever. Economist expert Justin Urquhart-Stewart joins the show to help explain how exactly each policy will effect the UK, the pound and your pocket, with Childcare receiving more funding and if fuel tax will be dropped. Plus Former conservative MP, Nick De Bois CBE and current conservative MP Marco Longhi, give their take on how the conservatives have handled the budget from previous years to now and offer their suggestions on what should come from the budget to help boost Britain's economy. Gavin Mortimer, writer for The Spectator is back with a new article and chats to Mike on how the Albanian Mafia have taken over Europe's trafficking network. Finally, Mike has a rant at the BBC after Gary Lineker's and Match Of The Day's mess, the BBC still want to take your TV Licence even after you've long gone. All the plus so much more!

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