A License To Bill

Leader of the Reform Party Richard Tice kicks off todays show to review the weeks headlines as we were hit with a new budget proposed by Chancellor Jeremy Hunt as Labour, we also discuss the mayhem ensuing on the streets of France as Macron bypasses a controversial vote on pensions while Dutch protestors enjoy a big win in provincial elections as the people rallied against their governments environmental policies. Former President of the Royal College of Nursing Dame Anne Rafferty joins shortly after to discuss the proposed NHS pay rise now offered by the government in order to put an end to public sector strikes and Conservative MP Miriam Cates returns to The Independent Republic to discuss her thoughts on this weeks budget as she highlights her concerns that the treasury is ultimately nationalising childhood. Director General at The Institute of Economic Affairs continues the discussion on Jeremy Hunt's newly proposed budget as well as proposals for the BBC license fee to increase by £13 from next year and the ongoing banking crisis with Credit Suisse and other institutions. British Army Veteran Hugh Andree returns to the studio with Mike to discuss to what extent our veterans are benefitting from the budget. All that and so much more, so tune in! 

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