NHS, Gin 'experiences' and Magaluf

As it has been announced that there'll need to be a £20 billion funding injection to the NHS, critics are casting doubt over the alleged Brexit dividend (sound familiar?) and probable impending tax rise that will be needed to fund it. Jenny from Milton Keynes calls in to give her opinion.

Why are people going on 'gin tasting experiences' and not just going to the pub? The Gin Lord, Rory Faiers, a connoisseur, explains the trend.

And finally- the ultimate resort of choice for a boozey holiday, Magaluf, is under going a makeover to become a more classy resort and ditch the drinks offers- and the name! - is this the end of the good old 18-30 holiday? And why? Tom Stainer, Spain Editor from Lonely Planet gives us some insight as to what's going on here.

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