'Missing' Boris, Potholes and Tupperware

As the government builds up to a vote on the expansion of Heathrow Airport, Boris Johnson curiously has flown out of the country and it has not been reported where. Considering his promises prior to the election that he would "lie down with you in front of those bulldozers and stop the construction of that third runway" - could this move be a threat to his seat?

Nigel calls in to lend his thoughts on the Remain march at the weekend.

Meanwhile, an investigation into the country's Potholes reveals there are more than ever before, and who better to assess this situation than Mr Pothole himself.

As Morrisons have announced that they'll be encouraging customers soon to bring in Tupperware to put their fresh goods in, Nick in Croydon thinks its actually an alright idea and harks back to the olden days of the butcher, baker and candlestick maker....

...And finally, Katie Perrior tells the story of the time she had lunch with the Iron Lady.


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