Daisy's Laptop, Real Junk Food Wedding and Burn-berry Clothing

Its a Brexit and Trump free zone on the Independent Republic of Mike Graham today, because quite frankly we've had our fill for the week.

Instead, on to the pressing issues: holidays. Simon Calder advises us through the holiday chaos due to ensue as the school holidays start. A couple managed to feed their wedding guests with a budget of £5 per head - The Real Junk Food Project helped them to cater for their guests using surplus food that is still edible and Adam Smith tells Mike and Daisy about the great work they do to provide food on a budget.

It turns out that Burberry have been burning surplus clothing so that the 'wrong people' don't end up working. Besides a move of significant snobbery by them, what about the overall damage they're doing? Fashion expert Grace Woodward tells us of the consequences of high and low budget fashion on the environment.


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