#291 - Arab Strap, Hey Colossus & Mark Lanegan, Grandmaster Gareth, Lucidvox, Saucy Lady, Cyril Cyril - 7 September 2020

Dancefloor smashers, bleak noises, and a long-overdue new single from Arab Strap are amongst this week's highlights. We have percussive transcendental psychedelia from Brazil and from Forest Hill, we've got a bonkers-yet-brilliant track from Misty's Big Adventure's Grandmaster Gareth, driving Swiss Krautrock from Cyril Cyril, experimental folk from Iceland's MSEA and a whole lot more...


Sarine - (E) Volante (Lovers & Lollypops, Portugal)

Grandmaster Gareth - Garethcetamol (self-release, UK)

Hey Colossus - The Mirror (feat. Mark Lanegan) (Wrong Speed, UK)

Cyril Cyril - Les Gens (Les Disque Bongo Joe, Switzerland / Born Bad Records, France)

Holy Scum - Kill Each Other (self-release, UK)

Arab Strap - The Turning of Our Bones (Rock Action Records, UK)

Mera Bhai - Mañana Groove (Moshi Moshi Music, UK)

Saucy Lady - A Shooting Star (Star Creature Universal Vibrations, USA)

Lucidvox - My Little Star (Звездочка) (Glitterbeat Records, Germany)

MSEA - Flesh Tone (MYRKFÆLNI, Iceland)

Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.