The Future Farming Resilience Funding with Seb Murray from Ceres Rural

Join us today on the IN YOUR FIELD Podcast with Jemma Clifford as we speak to our guest Seb Murray from Ceres Rural on Wednesday 1st September at 7am as we talk about the Future Farming Resilience Fund, BPS, ELMS and Public Money for Public Goods.

The Future Farming Resilience Fund comes at a time as we have 3 main policy drivers pushing the agricultural changes that have come from us departing the EU, these being:

*The Agricultural Bill

*25 Year Environment Plan

*Land Use, Reducing Emissions and Preparation fro Climate change report

This is a great podcast that digs deep into the what and why this is important for the farming industry to ensure our farms are and remain profitable going through the BPS to ELMS transition.

Ceres Rural are a Farm Consultancy Partnership with 19 Farming Consultants who offer a wide array of services from Farm Management, to Consultancy offering bench marking, business reviews, grant opportunities, application and claiming support.

The Future Farm Resilience Fund will be great value for those that are wanting to review their farming business and understand the agricultural transition, how this will impact their farm to impact the resilience of it going forward.

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