Making Social Media Work For You

Join us today on the IN YOUR FIELD Podcast with Jemma Clifton as we speak to our guest Alice Holborow from Herd it Here Creative, Who works with a lot of rural small business owners who find social media/marketing is totally overwhelming to them.

When you have been told you need to be all over it but haven't had the opportunity to work out what is really worth doing! You can have the most wonderful marketing strategy in the world but if the implementation doesn't fit around your business, it will never happen!

Herd it Here Creative want to encourage business owners to go with their gut, remember they are the secret sauce in their business (and social media) and not to beat themselves up for not doing what the "gurus" tell them they need to do.

Alice and Charlotte want to take the fear out of marketing whilst also helping people understand it is woven into everything you do and finding what works for you is the most important thing! If you are a people person, then get out face to face. If you are happy on video, then brilliant lets look at how that can help! There is a course for every horse!

This is a fabulous episode that will help you me social media work for you.

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