The Great Out-tours with John Brooksbank

Join us in todays episode as we talk with John Brooksbank creator and founder of The Great Out-tours.

An organisation based in East Sussex that bring the wonders of the countryside to the doorstep of primary school children. Via a multi-award winning ‘Four Seasons Outdoor Activity Learning Programme’, they deliver curriculum that supports after school clubs & in-school workshops.

Not only that but The Great Out-tours also work to empower people with learning disabilities, profound physical disabilities, dementia & mental health conditions, to see, interpret and understand the beauty and importance of our countryside, through visiting care homes and welcoming people to the farm to essentially help and get a taste of the day to day running.

As Great Out-tours celebrate their 10 year anniversary this year we thought it only fitting to share and celebrate what John and his team do, and what their plans for the future are.

This is an incredibly inspiring podcast sharing the importance of the need to educate others to protect and enhance the environment from an early age.

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