British Food & Farming Series: What’s war in Europe got to do with it?

In this exclusive, limited series brought to you by the Rural Business Group, the Nation’s Favourite Farmer, Gareth Wyn Jones is joined by supply chain specialist, Stephen Whyte as they aim to explore some of the most pressing challenges facing food production in light of the climate crisis and changing consumer preferences in food and drink consumption.

The series will focus on the Future of Farming, debunking some of the misconceptions and myths which currently proliferate mainstream media, somewhat unfairly influencing public perception of farming and farmers.

In the first episode, Gareth and Stephen are joined by chair Phil to discuss the impact of the war in Ukraine - both on consumers and farmers across the world. They discuss our global supply chains and the issues within, food security and what changes need to happen. In trueness to this being a rural podcast - Gareth has to leave part way through to lamb a ewe!

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