British Food & Farming Series: Policy for Positive Futures

In episode 5 of our British Food & Farming Series, panel regulars Phil, Gareth and Stephen, are joined by Hertfordshire farmer and previous NFU Deputy President, Stuart Roberts to discuss the future of farming and food production.

The panel cover a whole range of issues reflecting the challenges and opportunities that face our farming and food systems as we move into the future, including:

  • the imbalance of risk and reward in our current food supply chains
  • concerns about trade deals
  • the vital importance of water and how this needs to be addressed
  • where policies should head in the future
  • food & farming champions

This is a lengthy episode, but well worth a listen to consider the path ahead for farmers, consumers and policy makers.

You can find out much more about our regular panelists, Gareth Wyn Jones and Stephen Whyte, and our podcast chair, Phil Jarvis, on our website:

The opinions and views expressed in this podcast are those of the individuals involved and do not necessarily represent those of The Rural Business Group.

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