British Food & Farming Series: From global consumers towards self sufficiency

This is the second episode of our British Food & Farming Series - an exclusive, limited podcast series brought to you by the Rural Business Group.

This week our regular panelists, Gareth Wyn Jones and Stephen Whyte, are joined by food journalist Dan Saladino to discuss the sustainability (or not) of our current global food system and what needs to change to move towards a more sustainable and self sufficient way of growing food.

Dan Saladino is a renowned food journalist who has worked at the BBC for twenty-five years. For more than a decade he has traveled the world recording stories of foods at risk of extinction—from cheeses made in the foothills of a remote Balkan mountain range to unique varieties of rice grown in southern China. His work has been recognised by the James Beard Foundation, the Guild of Food Writers, and the Fortnum & Mason Food and Drink Awards.

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