Will we ever escape the drunken Irish stereotype?

A cringey segment on Saturday Night Live went viral earlier this week ahead of the Oscars; lampooning the Irish accent and playing into the drunken, fighting Irish stereotype. Jimmy Kimmel also relied on the cliché twice during his presenting of the Academy Awards. Eyes rolled all over Ireland. But can we really get offended by the stereotype when our collective drinking habits are baffling to so many other nationalities? Chief Film Critic for The Irish Times, Donald Clarke, says yes. There's a litany of very offensive SNL sketches and a new 'Irish Ancestor Tiktok' phenomenon that's proving just as tone deaf. But comedian and host of the podcast 'An Irishman Abroad', Jarlath Regan, reckons we all need to grow a thicker skin. Presented by Bernice Harrison.

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