Ireland 2050: 'The big changes will be at the extremes... droughts, floods'

More flooding, longer spells of hotter weather, heavier rain events and the disappearance of frost: The changes to Ireland's weather if we fail to tackle the climate crisis may not seem too dramatic, but if other parts of the world suffer more, then the impacts of that will be felt here too. As part of our coverage of the climate crisis in the lead up to COP26, we talk to climate scientists, Dr Alastair McKinstry and Dr Enda O'Brien, about the likely consequences of climate disruption on Ireland in the coming decades.

Guests: Dr Alastair McKinstry and Dr Enda O'Brien from the Irish Centre for High End Computing at NUI Galway.

Presenter: Sorcha Pollak

Produced by Jennifer Ryan

Opening music by Hugh Rodgers

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