What happened at the Ballyseedy Massacre?

This week marks 100 years since the Ballyseedy Massacre, arguably the worst atrocity of the Irish civil war. On that fateful night, nine Kerrymen were rounded up by the Free State army to be murdered in a revenge killing. The ruthless act saw them tied together around a bomb. Except one man, Stephen Fuller, managed to escape the deadly blast. While the circumstances of that night were covered up by the state, Fuller's account of what happened paints a very different picture. In this episode historian, Owen O’Shea, outlines what happened in the early hours of March 7th, 1923, while Irish Times reporter Ronan McGreevy explains how many believe a state apology and an amended Dáil record is owed.

Owen O'Shea is author of No Middle Path, The Civil War in Kerry.

Ronan McGreevy is author of Great Hatred: The Assassination of Field Marshal Sir Henry Wilson MP.

Clips in this episode are with thanks to Pat Butler, from his 1997 documentary 'Ballyseedy.'

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