"Sean Quinn chooses not to understand" - filmmaker Trevor Birney on the making of Quinn Country

“Sean Quinn knows exactly what he did but chooses not to understand. It’s very easy for him to find others are to blame.”

Enniskillen-born filmmaker, Trevor Birney, has spent five years on his documentary, Quinn Country, which aired on RTE this week.

The three-part series paints a visceral portrait of a man haunted by feelings of injustice and betrayal; not least in part due to the contributions from the former billionaire himself, from his palatial home in Co. Cavan.

The documentary charts the rise and fall of Quinn and his business empire, with a particular focus on his Anglo Irish Bank gamble and the violent attack on former Quinn executive, Kevin Lunney.

In a story to rival a Shakespearean drama, Birney skilfully pulls all the strands of the complicated story together in one place.

Here he speaks to In The News about his many hours of interviews with Sean Quinn, filming during outbreaks of vigilante violence, and the fatal character flaw that brought down one of the titans of Irish business.

Also on this episode is Irish Times Public Affairs Editor Simon Carswell.

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