Are we ready for the next pandemic?

As Ireland continues towards the full reopening of society with the lifting of pandemic restrictions, experts have warned that the next global outbreak is just around the corner. The lack of vaccination programmes in low-income countries has so far made it almost impossible to eradicate Covid-19 and the virus is expected to remain a threat to human populations for some time to come. Today, the world is more at risk of a global outbreak than any other time in history. Are we ready for the next pandemic? And, will the lessons learned as a result of Covid-19 help us to fight it when it happens?

Guests: Professor Máire Connolly, Global Health and Development at NUIG School of Medicine and coordinator of the EU security research project PANDEM-2.

Presenter: Conor Pope

Produced by Declan Conlon, Jennifer Ryan and Suzanne Brennan

Opening music by Hugh Rodgers


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