023: Kate Hamilton & Emily Ames. Brands And Storytelling. Business Development.

Consider this episode a masterclass in brand storytelling, courtesy of Kate Hamilton and Emily Ames, co-founders of content and communications agency Sonder & Tell, which specialises in helping brands craft their messaging and figure out how best to communicate with their customers. Since setting up Sonder & Tell two years ago, the pair have worked with clients that range from food startups to sexual health apps, and earlier this year they teamed up with fashion brand Jigsaw to publish an anthology of essays by some of the UK’s leading female writers.

On this episode they share vital tips for brands trying to figure out how to do ‘content’ properly, addressing everything from the importance of creating a strong brand narrative (and how to do that), to why so many brands seem to keep getting it wrong. Plus, find out what to expect when it comes to getting a service-based business off the ground, as Kate and Emily share what they’ve learned about business development, setting their rates, and figuring out which clients and projects are going to be more trouble than they’re worth…

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