Sex: How Do You Have The Consent Conversation Without Turning Them Off?

How do you have a consent conversation without turning them off?

What do you do when penetration just doesn't work?

Can you have a casual relationship without moving too quickly?

In this episode, Michelle answers questions on sex and discusses how we focus too much on the penis and penetration in sex. She talks about how we need to prioritise female pleasure more and why the consent conversation is simply boundary setting. She talks about why so many women find penetration uncomfortable and why the normalisation of sex hurting for women stems from the idea that a woman's first time is going to hurt. She gives you tips on how to be more in your body during sex and why it's important to stay out of your head. Within the episode, she also shares how to get into a casual relationship and why unsolicited dick pics don't ever need to be tolerated. She also discusses a scene in One Tree Hill that highlights the problem with rushing into marriage to heal a childhood wound and gives a key warning sign of moving too quickly.

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