Self Worth: How Do I Stop Self Sabotaging Myself?

What do you do when you feel like you can never do enough personal development?

How do you stop self-sabotaging your own success?

And what do you do if you feel like an imposter when you are confident?

In this episode, Michelle answers questions on self worth, what it is and how to build your own. She talks about how a lot of the self worth conversation is very lofty and why people need practical advice in order to actually create the changes in their life. She talks about imposter syndrome is an illusion and why it's important to let personal development work resonate emotionally and not just intellectually. She gives you tips, exercises and tools you need in order to grow your self worth each day and shares with you a new exercise she is using herself to heal inner wounds from childhood. She also discusses a scene in The Bold Type and talks about why we need to be having race conversations, even if they aren't perfectly eloquent and articulate.

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