Red Flags: Is it a red flag if they never ask about me?

Is it a red flag if they never ask about me?

What are the warning signs for emotional unavailability?

Are there any clues that someone is going to ghost?

In this episode, Michelle answers questions on red flags and defines what a red flag is. She explains the actual meaning of red flags and why this word should not be used to describe everything. She discusses how the idea of foreseeing every red flag is flawed and why we need to have a balance of being aware of red flags and not being too overanalytical. She explores the concept of conscious dating and why this is the key to a healthy balance. Within this episode, she also gives you tips on how to be conscious enough to spot red flags. She also discusses a scene in Real Housewives of New York and how our fantasies create contradictions in the words we say when we aren't being honest with ourselves.

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