Life Changes: What If I Can't Cope With The Responsibility?

When you change a lot, is it normal to want to change your friends?

How do you stop worrying about future responsibility coming into your life?

And what do you do when you aren't sure who you are anymore?

In this episode, Michelle answers questions on life changes and asks that we notice the distinction between the adjustment process vs a settled change. She talks about how changes in your life may result in unexpected changes in the relationships and dynamics with the people in your life. She talks about the changes we have all faced in the pandemic and gives tips on how to manage change and create certainty if you feel unsafe. She gives you tips on how to stay in the moment, not needing to define every stage in your life and having more flexibility in life. She also discusses a scene in Scandal that highlights why it is important to have standards and know how you deserve to be treated. We also get into a conversation about chakras and how that can affect your energy.

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