Family: If I cut them out, will I regret it when they die?

If I cut family out, will I regret it when they die?

What can you do when family treat me like I'm stupid?

Is it OK to set boundaries over emails and text?

In this episode, Michelle answers questions on family relationships and discusses how we should hold the same standards of treatment in our familal relationships than any other relationship in our life. She talks about how the media has perpetuated this idea of "perfect families" and how Christmas enhances this idea. She shows how to set boundaries within family relationship and talks about how we learn boundaries most from our parents. She unpicks whether you can be good at setting boundaries if you are not good at receiving it and also questions how the idealised view of parents means we tend to romanticise our childhoods.

Within the episode, she also gives tips on how to improve communication within your family and why you shouldnt' accept 'how things have always been' for future communication. She also discusses an episode of Station 19 that highlights how we can talk about the intersections of race and the racism that the Asian community are facing due to Corona Virus.

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