Breakups: How do I know I made the right decision?

Can you still stay friends if one person likes the other and it's not reciprocated?

Should you end it if they don't want kids and you do?

How do you know your breakup was the right decision?

In this episode, Michelle answers questions on breakups and discusses the importance of making sure breakups are clean breaks. She talks about whether you actually should stay friends after a break-up and why it really doesn't matter who breaks up with who. She discusses why breakups should be a discussion and not a finite conversation and whether you are too young to make a decision about kids. Within the episode, she also gives tips on how to heal from a breakup and why you need to take time to grieve the future you once had. She also discusses an episode of Ugly Betty and why boundaries are so necessary for breakups and why it is unfair to force a friendship when both people are not invested.

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