Apologies: Why do I not believe people when they apologize?

Why do I not believe people when they apologize?

How do I forgive myself and know I won't do it again?

Should I continue to persist when someone doesn't accept your apology?

How do I ask for an apology for something that happened ages ago?

In this episode, Michelle answers questions on apologies and explains what a good apology involves. She discusses apology languages and why she doesn't completely agree with this model but how it is helpful to construct your own apologies. She talks about the phrase "if they were really sorry, they wouldn't have done it in the first place" and how some people need time to realise when they've done something wrong and some people realise instantly. She discusses the difference between real apologies and when apologies are just words. She also gives tips for people who hate apologising and how to move your ego out of the way. She also discusses a scene in Ginny and Georgia about how jealousy between parents and children can arise and how to process that jealousy.

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