Parenting 101 Plus - Episode 1

Join Paul W. Reeves, Ed.D - a longtime teacher and school principal, and the father of three children - and his guests, as they discuss the world of parenting your children, from birth through age 100! Also included are excerpts and discussions of Paul's parenting book, "A PRINCIPAL'S FAMILY PRINCIPLES - Raising Your Kids to Be Happy and Healthy, While Enjoying Them to the Fullest".

On today's show, in addition to reading the chapter, "Be Aware of UNDERWEAR?" from his book, sharing wisdom from others, a bit of humor, and more, Paul played Part 1 of his interview with Claude Larson.

CLAUDE LARSON, a retired teacher from New York, one whom mostly worked with teenagers, will join us to discuss her book, "The Power of Choice: A Teen's Guide to Finding Personal Success Kindle Edition".


"There has never been a more challenging time to be a teenager. The world is expanding. You have more information and choices than ever before. The competition for your attention is fierce. Your worldwide social media connections have you concerned with the number of followers you have and how many likes you get. There’s pressure to keep up with all of it. It’s exhausting. It’s overwhelming. It’s stressful. It’s no wonder teens are experiencing more anxiety in their lives than ever before. 

This book was created to help you slow down, sort through the madness and figure out what you actually want in your life. It’s a guidebook and simultaneously, a gold mine of your thoughts, dreams, goals and life direction. The stories and exercises within these pages were designed to help you build habits that support you in reaching your goals. Some of the topics you will examine include what motivates you and why, how to build excellence into your daily routine and how to improve your relationships with those around you. You will also explore problem solving strategies and understanding decision-making options for creating your best outcome. Other subjects include how to deal with criticism, the importance of gratitude and how to change difficult situations into beneficial ones. Everything in these pages allow you to not only see things from your own viewpoint but, to broaden your perspective and see so many more possibilities."