JODIE STEVENS, Radio Pro/Addictions Podcasts (8-10-22)

JODIE STEVENS, from Reno, Nevada, is the host of several mental health and recovery blogs and podcasts, including, “Genuine Life Recovery” and “Recovery and Company”. Currently, she is the Media Director for the Life Change Center, which provides treatment to individuals struggling with opioid and pill addiction.

In addition, JODIE STEVENS is a a 30-year radio veteran, producer, commercial voice-over artist, audiobook narrator, public speaker, emcee


"Do you believe God created you for a divine purpose? I do. But sometimes troubles, trials and past hardships keep us stuck. God’s amazing grace has brought me to the other side of many difficulties like co-dependency, addiction, anxiety, anger, low-self-esteem and more. I’d love to share some of those tools with you, or I can create a specialized message for your event.

I have always loved music! Yes, I’m one of those people with a song for everything. My radio career started 28 years ago in Fairbanks, Alaska spinning seventies records (they had records back then) on the ‘overnight show’ where the temperature sometimes dipped to -55. I have hosted radio shows in Alaska, Oregon and California. I was with Salem Media Group in Sacramento for 17 years where I hosted morning drive on 103.9 the Fish and worked as the Commercial Production Director for the cluster.

I currently reside in Reno, Nevada where I ‘create cool stuff’ from my home studio; things like voice-over, production, video, show creation, on-line courses and more."